Feb 15, 2009


HELLO FRIENDS, originally uploaded by veganbilly.

Turned 31 on Groundhog Day. Miraculously still in full possession of all my faculties.

I don't think I will be blogging so much about food anymore. I've developed kind of a...well...obsession with it. Being more aware of what I eat and how to make it appealing and terrific is a good thing, but feeling like I shouldn't update my blog with anything but recipes & pictures of recipes means I update extremely infrequently, and I like this blog. I like updating it, and I like you guys rather a lot.

So tell me - will you still read if I blog about other stuff too?


John Fink said...


ok yes.

veganbilly said...

Well that's one vote in the "MAYBE" column!

Toxiferous said...

Absolutely! And a belated happy birthday to you!

RetroKimmer said...

Happy Birthday mine is on feb 9 7days later fellow Aquarian which explains our snarky personalities. I love rockabilly and I am retrokimmer and the snarkyview too. Just did a blog for Mark Farner from /grand Funk check that out too. You might be too young but if you like rb you'd like him too. Ciao sweetie

jessica said...

Happy Birthday :)

Yes, I would still read. But maybe every so often toss in a photo of what you had to inspire! :)

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Oh yeah & (if ya take requests), maybe post mas Veganbilly Music thoughts, por favor?