Sep 1, 2008

What rough pakora, its hour come round at last...

...slouches toward the frying pan to be born?

I love indian food, and it's easily made vegan, so I took advantage of my time babysitting Paula's cats and picked up chickpea flour on Gerrard to make pakora. Everything else I had, though I used more garam masala than recommended, and a standard bag of frozen vegetables. Fun fact: a co-worker of mine once referred to these as "welfare vegetables". Then she got fired. Who's eating vegetables now, bitch????

How easy was this to make? Easier than writing this multi-Flickr'd post. Thanks to Moira Adams at VegWorld for the recipe.

* 1 cup (4 oz, 110 g) gram (chickpea) flour
* 1 tsp. mixed ground spices (I used cumin, turmeric, and garam masala)
* About 1 lb (450 g) of vegetables, cut into very small pieces (for carrots, celery, bell pepper and parsnips, prepare thin slices; for cauliflower and broccoli, cut into small florets)
* Oil for frying

Mix the flour and spices. Slowly add cold water, stirring all the time, until you have a thin batter. Heat the oil in a skillet. Dip each vegetable piece in the batter, one at a time. Make sure that it is fully coated. Drop it into the hot oil, and cook for a few minutes until crisp.

The raw mix looks like shreds of birthday cards in a velvety banana cream pie. But it's not, so don't try to make that instead.
pakora mix

Then you fry them for about 45 seconds, turn, and fry again. They fry really fast if you use frozen vegetables, and also they spit at you in disgust, which really hurts. Emotionally and physically. They must have heard that "welfare vegetables" comment and internalized their inherent class consciousness into hateballs.

Frying the pakoras

I'm sorry, angry pakoras. You were very tasty. I hope you get yourself sorted out one day, because you have kind of a lot of issues for a snack treat.


Lidian said...

I love pakoras,whatever mood they (or I) am in and these look terrific.

I really really like your blog! I'll be back!


Almost Vegetarian said...

That is a beautiful recipe.

I have a similar recipe, but I've been having troubles finding chickpea flour.

I suppose I have to get over to the Indian grocery store ...


Starcasm said...

We're organizing a coalition against angry fried foods. Their childhood issues should no longer result in lashing out.

Parenting classes are a start as a means to educate these fried foods and help them break the cycle.