Sep 10, 2008

So cherry!

I was nominated for some Blogger's Choice awards! Here's a completely self-indulgent post about it. Aren't you excited you dropped by today?

Here are my sweet badge things if you are of a mind to vote. For some reason, they don't seem to be seinding activation emails when people sign up to vote, so maybe it's just not gonna happen, but thanks to anyone who tried!

Otherwise I hope you're enjoying Fall so far. I am making some pumpkin-chai foods this weekend - a new latte recipe I want to try, a stew I keep forgetting to write up for a friend, and best of all, an ambitious attempt at my first vegan pie - pumpkin, specifically. I'm thinking of subbing the condensed milk with a soy & icing sugar mix, but I'll have another look at the one in "How It All Vegan" first. Pumpkin time means Hallowe'en time too...ungh, this is the best season of the whole year!

My site was nominated for Freakiest Blogger!

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