Apr 2, 2008

My music - the old stuff

So way back in the hallowed 90's I was the lead singer of a band called Mojo Engine.
I spent a lot of time gigging, smiling, and feeling hopeful.
Unfortunately we broke up, as bands always do, and after a long time (uh..lessee..ten years?) I have been teaching myself to make music at home, with software and shit.
I can't play an instrument. I have tried, believe me. But my brain just don't work that way.

Feel free to have a listen and try not to laugh out loud!


Anonymous said...

Music is great. You must have recovered your Dats? Vegan cupcakes sound like too much work, but I agree on the prices at the health food store. I need tahini for my hummus and it is about $6 a jar (size of a small jam jar.) But some things are worth it. (using K's identity) It's me W.

veganbilly said...

thanks! yeah, i got the dats back when i moved to barrie between guelph and toronto. what a relief.