Sep 13, 2007

Sweet Cuppin' Cakes!

It was mental. I got halfway through the cupcakes and realized I didn't have baking soda. My Old Man, in a gesture of wild charity, ran to the store and picked some up, along with the half pound of margarine I had forgotten. THE CUPCAKES WERE BAKING.

Then, a second problem. I didn't have confectioner's sugar. I was almost mad - can't make frosting! - and then remembered confectioner's sugar is also called powdered sugar. Genius! I got the rest of the granulated sugar, put it in the mini-food processor, and whipped it until it was fine. But..I still didn't have enough. I was pretty growly, and the kitchen was a disaster, and it was almost time to frost, and, etc. You get the idea.

Oh wait! Powdered Splenda! Perfect. Well, not perfect, but close enough. "Eating Live To" can wait a bit. The frosting came out nicely, the cupcakes were perfect...

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Ta-da, darlings!

I used the "Basic Chocolate Cupcakes" recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World and the basic "Vegan Buttercream Frosting". I added some maple syrup and cinnamon to the frosting - you can see some of the maple-y goodness melting down the side of one cupcake.

The verdict? My Old Man just about had a boy-pudding in his pants.
"So you're cool with me going vegan, then? No complaints?"
"Murmmmphhh cupcakes mmphhurfff every week."

I made tempeh tonight also. For the first time, it worked. And it was aaaaawwwwesome. Fajitas with red peppers, tempeh, and onion, and some of the vegan cheddar. Vegan cheddar, not so bad, though I was lollin' that it's lone selling point on the package, "It Melts!" is in fact untrue.

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