Sep 13, 2007

Finally, groceries, and the perilous search for agar-agar

Finally made it to Whole Foods today. It's a little overwhelming - where do I look for miso paste? Bulk quinoa? "Agar-agar" powder, which I need for my cupcakes?

I asked an employee - I noticed everyone in there is polite as all hell - and he looked around and said they didn't carry it. Major blow-really wanted to make cupcakes today and all the vegan cheese recipes I'm finding need it. Off I went on a Dorothy-style WonderTour.

Soy yogurt - only comes in vanilla. Bummer.
Miso paste and tahini - man, are vegans made of money? 9 bucks each!
Brick of vegan cheddar - main selling point on package? "It Melts!"
Nutritional yeast - arghgjhaghfghjagj it better last a long-ass time at almost 12 bucks a bag.
Agar-agar: MIA

Finally get around to the makeup/personal care products section. Dirty hippie working there. Irony is also 100& vegan. But he's sweet and helpful and directs me to some soaps and stuff. I ask him about the agar - musta sounded like "Gwar" because he looked at me pretty funny and said "I don't know what that is."

Finally, on my way out the door, I say "hey you, you have black bean and corn salsa at home you wann eat. get chips." And what's next to the chips? Another aisle I didn't see, and what's in that aisle? Cheaper miso (the mellow kind I was looking for, too, which they didn't have at Chez Rich Guy Miso Outlet over by the cooler), and...agar-agar powder!

Cupcakes and nacho "cheese" floated into my vision. "Yes," came a voice from the part of my tummy I keep the ability to purr in, "you shall have these cupcakes, and they will be glorious. Remember about the chips."

I'm cleaning the kitchen and fridge as we speak. Tonight should yield my first food pics and recipes. Oh, and some new red leopard shirt wearing. ALL SHALL BE REVEALED.

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Anonymous said...

This is my favourite entry on any blog ever. Please keep going!!!

- Jari