Sep 10, 2007

Day One: Bread, Coffee, Craisins!

Went off to work today with black coffee and realized I'm not allowed to have artificial sweeteners for the 6-week "starter program" of "Eat to Live". No problem, I like my coffee shitty.

Also forgot to bring a lunch, lunkhead that I am. So here I was at the mall with a client and nothing to eat but "A&W" or, my favouritely-named but incredibly disgusting Chinese joint, "Pick n' Chu's". What's a gal to do? Go to the grocery store, that's double-a what.

Big, beautiful, premade, spinach/strawberry/walnut/Crasins salad. Perfect. 'Cept I can't have the Craisins - no dried fruit either. So picture me sitting on a bench, gettin' weird looks from people so old they can't chew pudding without breaking a jawbone, picking out these tiny little things that look like shiny, dehydrated assholes from a salad bigger than my head.

It was glorious. The salad was awesome, came in at a pound of raw veg (as per the aforementioned Live to Eat thinger) and filled me up. I was bouncy and joyful for the rest of the day.

Got home and talked to My Old Man about the new rules. He says, "Baby, you go for it, I'll look for some recipes." What a lucky lady I am, didn't even have to go braless.
Then he made chili! Ground soy "beef" from Yves, lots of raw veg, olive oil, and Piri-Piri, a hot sauce I fell in love with when I started dating his Portuguese fineness. They put it on chicken; I put it on tofu; smells amazing either way. Stuffed with chili, I leave you before the "winds of the south" start to blow.

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winds of the south - beautiful...